Mental Health Training

Do you know that on average 3 children in every primary school class have a diagnosable mental health condition? Are you a school or a setting that is involved with children and young people and would like to understand how to support children and young people?

NW Autism & SEND are now offering 2 hour training on mental health in adults or children.

Mental health and resilience are much discussed topics in society today, with most people realising that if the right support is put in place when children are young the more positive the outcome will be for that individual. There is a huge wealth of well-being and mental health resources that are now available for professionals to use. Sometimes as a busy professional you do not have the time to wade through all the documentation that is appropriate to use.

At NW Autism & SEND Consultancy we have developed a 2 hour training session that gives staff the knowledge and the confidence to help support children and young people who are suffering or are vulnerable to having mental health issues.

Please get in touch if you would like to book this training in your setting!!!

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