Courses we offer

  • Autism& Anxiety: 2hours (awareness), half day + social stories (INSET).  Designed to give primary, or secondary, school teachers and TAs practical strategies and ideas to take straight back into the classroom. Taking into account the most up to date information from Ofsted 2019.
  • “Include Me!” Autism training for schools and parents: full day.  Covering up to date legal definition, responsibilities & entitlements, trends, visuals, sensory intergration and self regulation.  Theory, practical approaches and the real world.  Taking into account the most up to date information from Ofsted 2019.
  • Child Mental Health: 2 hours (awareness), half day + practical strategies (INSET).  Exploring various conditions effecting children in primary or secondary education; equipping adults to make reasonable adjustment, and supporting learning and wellbeing.
  • Adult Mental Health Survival: 2 hours (awareness and strategies), half day (+ practical activities and support group).  Designed for adults working in any educational setting.  Exploring the stresses that can lead to anxiety and depression, and other mental health illnesses.  Providing practical strategies and mutual support for wellbeing and survival in the profession.
  • Mental Health Survival for Children and Adults (full day).  For adults working in education.  How you can support children, whilst taking care of yourself and others.
  • Lego-based Therapy Training: full day.  Emma is the only licensed provider of Lego-based Therapy in the North West, trained and supported by ‘Bricks For Autism’ (Cambridge).  Deligates will be certified to deliver Lego-Based Therapy.  Initially introduced to develop social skills and interaction between Autistic children, the approach can help build appropriate communication skills amoung challenged young people.  Current ongoing studies suggest this approach, delivered well, has real impact outside the confines of the therapy sessions.
  • Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome (PDA).  This condition is not recognised by all local authorises and clinicians, however this course addresses the unique needs of what a child with PDA needs and how staff need need to change their approach facilitate engagement and progress.
  • Social Stories: 2 hours.  Ideal for TAs, Teachers or Pastoral Staff helping Autistic pupils.  How to use ‘Coomic Strip Conversations’, ‘Social Stories’ or contempory media to explore social situations, problems and emotions.

Dates & Locations

“Include Me!” Autism training for schools and parents (full day): 17/01/20 Wigan, 11/02/20 Manchester, 05/03/20 Liverpool, 25/03/20 Wigan, 22/04/20 Blackpool

Child Mental Health (full day): 25/02/20 Manchester, 03/03/20 Liverpool, 17/03/20 Wirral, 24/04/19 Wigan

Adult Mental Health Survival (half day): 17/12/19 Manchester, 21/01/20 Wigan

Mental Health Survival for Children and Adults (full day) 17/12/19 Manchester, 21/01/20 Wigan

Lego-based Therapy Training (full day): 09/12/19 Wigan, 24/01/20 Manchester, 06/02/20 Blackpool, 10/03/20 Nottingham, 03/04/20 Wigan

Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome (PDA) – dates pending

Social Storiesdates pending (Ideal for staff meeting times at your venue!)


Dates and locations are published in response to levels of interest.  If you, or your setting, require other dates or specific locations we will respond to your request.  E-mail: [email protected]  We will make our courses relevent to your setting, can travel to your venue, or will arrange venues and refreshments.


Costs can vary depending on what particular course your setting would like and how many delegates the training is for. The costs are extremely reasonable in order to keep the training accessible for as many settings as possible. All bookings will receive a book form /invoice and terms and conditions of each booking. 

Group Bookings

  • A evening twilight session: (2 hours) £300
  • Half day training ( 3 hours) £500
  • Whole day training(6 hours) £700
  • Or £200 per hour (regarding other intervensions delivered by NW AUtism & SEND)


  • Lego-Based Therapy £200
  • Half Day £50
  • Full Day £100


E-mail Enquiries to

[email protected]